The Importance of Preventive Care
By Sultan Ayoub
June 08, 2020
Category: Child Health Care
Tags: Preventive Care  

Preventive care is an excellent way to maintain optimal health, as it allows a doctor to help you prevent serious health issues by addressing problems as soon as they develop. Here at Southwestern Pediatrics in Maricopa, AZ, our skilled providers offer adult care to help you achieve your best health possible—read on to learn more.

Adult Primary Care

Adult primary care can encompass many aspects of your health, including treatment for acute illnesses and injuries, help in managing the symptoms of chronic conditions, and the prevention of health problems. It also involves educating and counseling patients about how to best care for themselves to ensure optimal health. For example, during a primary care visit, your provider can discuss diet and exercise recommendations to help lower blood pressure.

A significant advantage to having a primary care provider is that you are partnering with an experienced medical professional who is familiar with your medical history and can help you maintain your best health. When you do not have a primary care doctor and have to rely on urgent or emergency care when ill, it can be much more expensive.

Conversely, periodically seeing a provider for adult care at our clinic in Maricopa is a great way to establish rapport with a physician who can promptly address health issues and help you maintain good health. Whether you have come down with the flu or another illness and need immediate treatment or could benefit from assistance managing a chronic condition, our experienced providers are here to help.

Look to Us for Care

Regularly seeing a doctor for adult primary care is one of the best steps you can take toward preventing health issues and promoting better health overall. To schedule an appointment with one of our providers, call Southwestern Pediatrics in Maricopa, AZ, at (520) 568-9500.