The Importance of Well-Child Care Exams
By Sultan Ayoub
October 02, 2019
Category: Pediatrics

When you bring your child in for a well-child care exam, you are protecting your child from illnesses and helping them stay healthy. There are many reasons why these visits are a vital part of your child’s healthcare. Pediatrician Dr. Anthony DiGeorge and his professional team at Southwestern Pediatrics in Maricopa, Arizona offer a wide range of pediatric healthcare services including well-child care exams to help your child enjoy a healthy life.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should start bringing your child in for well-child care exams when your baby is 2 to 5 days old. The exams should continue at 2 weeks old, and at 1,2,4,6,9,15, and 18 months. A well-child care exam should also be done when your child is 2 years old, and yearly after that.

During the exam, our pediatrician will record important information about your child’s height, weight, heart sounds, breathing, and other vital information to serve as a baseline for future visits. The baseline information will be used to track your child’s growth and development.

To view or print an American Academy of Pediatrics guide to children’s healthcare please click on this link:

Most parents have questions about their child’s growth, development, behavior, eating, sleeping, and other issues. This exam is a great opportunity for you to ask questions. Remember that your pediatrician is an expert, and happy to answer any questions you have.

One of the most important benefits of well-child care exams is to make sure your child has the immunizations necessary to prevent serious diseases and maintain good health. Immunizations are required for your child to attend daycare and school. They also help prevent serious diseases like the flu, hepatitis, measles, and meningitis.

To view or print the Centers for Disease Control recommendations for immunizations, please click on this link:

Your pediatrician is an important resource, and well-child care exams are a great way to keep your child healthy. To find out more about how well-child care exams can help your child, call Pediatrician Dr. Anthony DiGeorge at Southwestern Pediatrics in Maricopa, Arizona today.