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Does Your Child Need a School Physical?

Kids grow quickly and a lot can change in just twelve months. Once your child starts school, they will need a physical every year. This will enable you to monitor your child’s growth and protect them against illness. Dr. Anthony DiGeorge is a pediatrician at Southwestern Pediatrics in Maricopa AZ. He can help with all your kid’s healthcare from check-ups to immunizations. He can also give your child a school physical.

Why Does Your Kid’s School Require an Annual Physical?

Maricopa AZ parents find that Dr. DiGeorge is a great kid doctor, with a pleasant demeanor and a friendly personality that makes kids of all ages feel comfortable when they go for their annual check-up. Annual school physicals vary slightly from state to state and between schools. But the CDCs guidelines for school physicals state that they are mandated to make sure your kid’s vaccines are up to date and to protect them and their classmates against disease. Physicals allow your kid doctor to ensure your child is developing normally, and they allow you to ask questions or address any concerns you may have about your child’s health.

What Happens During a School Physical?

During your child’s appointment, your pediatrician will check your child’s weight, height, and blood pressure. He will also discuss your child’s medical history and ask about home life. As part of the physical exam, the doctor will also check the child’s heart and lungs, the development of the spine, and signs of puberty if your child is at that age. Any immunization updates will also be provided during the appointment.

If you are looking for a kid doctor in Maricopa AZ, or you need a school physical for your child, call Dr. Athony DiGeorge at 520-568-9500 to schedule an appointment for you and your child at Southwestern Pediatrics.

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