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What Occurs During a Well-Child Care Exam

What Occurs During a Well-Child Care Exam

In the first years of their lives, children seem to grow and change a little every day, developing new habits, gaining inches and pounds and learning new words and movements. At Southwestern Pediatrics in Maricopa, we are there to care for your child every step of the way.

During a Well-Child Care Exam at our office, Dr. Anthony DiGeorge will make sure your child is in good health, current on immunizations, and on the right track developmentally. Here is what you can expect during a Well Child visit:

Physical examination: Your provider will record your child's height and weight and perform tests on their hearing and vision, as well as taking vitals and measuring head circumference. If your child's doctor has any concerns, they may schedule testing or a follow-up appointment.

Assessment: Your child's doctor will go over how your child is sleeping and eating, and discuss any concerns you have with their physical health, behavior or development. We can offer you information and advice on a number of common issues, such as helping your child eat healthy, participate in enough physical activity, reduce screen time and practice good hygiene.

Immunizations: It is recommended that your child have a series of immunizations, starting from birth and continuing through age 18. These immunizations are crucial for preventing illness or spreading viruses. Your pediatrician at our Maricopa office will help you keep track of what immunizations your child needs and at what age.

Recommended immunizations include measles, meningitis, hepatitis B, rotavirus, tetanus, and influenza vaccines. If your child is age 9 and older, your pediatrician will likely speak with you about the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. You can expect your child to need more frequent immunizations in their first few years, with the numbers tapering off as they age.

If it's time for your child's Well Care Exam, call our office in Maricopa, AZ, today at (520) 568-9500.

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