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When Should My Child Have a Vision Test Done?

Are you wondering when to have your child's vision checked? If your child is exhibiting signs of vision problems, the pediatric team at Southwestern Pediatrics & Family Care in Maricopa, AZ, can do a vision test to assess if your child needs treatment.

When Do Children Need Eye Exams?

We recommend having your kid's eyes professionally examined before the age of one. The test should be repeated before the kid joins kindergarten if the first test does not show any issues. This is usually done at around the age of 3. The next test should be done when your kid is about 5 or 6 years old.

These tests can help detect any abnormalities in your child's eyes. Eye exams are particularly important for kids who:

  • Have a parent or sibling with significant eye issues such as the lazy eye (amblyopia) or turned or cross-eye (strabismus)
  • Are suspected of having an eye issue
  • Have a sight issue detected by the pediatrician

Why Are Vision Tests Important for Kids?

Vision tests are important in ensuring your kid's eyes are healthy. They are the only way to detect problems that can make learning in school difficult or affect a child's safety. For kids to learn effectively, they should be able to see items at different distances.

The eyes also need to work together to focus or see the surroundings. A vision test examines these skills in a child to make sure that the eyes are developing as they should.

Early Tests Can Prevent Serious Issues

An undiagnosed eye issue can lead to vision loss. But going for a vision test in Maricopa, AZ, on time can prevent this. Take the lazy eye condition where one eye is weaker. This is a condition that can be treated if detected early. Treatment can include eyeglasses, eye drops, or an eye patch. So, how do you know that your child has vision issues?

Signs to Watch Out for

Sometimes, vision issues can go undetected, especially if the child finds it hard to communicate what's wrong. In other circumstances, the problem will be clear, particularly if the kid was born prematurely. But generally, some of the signs you should watch out for include:

  • A hard time making eye contact
  • Blinks or rubs eyes excessively
  • Developmental delays

A sure sign that something is wrong is when they fail the vision test at the pediatrician in Maricopa, AZ. If that happens, your child can start treatment early, rectifying the situation before it worsens.

Do you want your child's vision checked? Schedule your appointment with Southwestern Pediatrics & Family Care at (520) 568-9500. Our pediatricians will examine your child and suggest a way forward.

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