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By Southwestern Pediatrics
June 09, 2021
Category: Health Care
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When was the last time you visited your primary care doctor for a checkup? It is essential that you come in to see your doctor for adult care in Maricopa, AZ, at least once a year, even if you are feeling great. Don’t wait for something to be wrong before coming into our office because that is when health issues become harder to treat and prevention is key! Here at Southwestern Pediatrics, our providers can take care of you as well as your little one to keep your family in the best of health.

What Can A Primary Care Provider Do for You?

Your primary care provider helps you take care of your general health by offering a variety of services and treatments. If you are looking for adult care in Maricopa, AZ, we can help. You should come in to see us for your annual well visit, where we check your vitals and overall health. We also offer physicals for school, work, or sports. We can answer any questions you may have about your health and make lifestyle suggestions for things like weight loss or minor aches and pains. Your annual checkup is a great time to get any immunizations you are missing or that are administered on a yearly basis, like the flu shot.

Illnesses and Injuries

If you are suffering from an illness like the common cold or a stomach bug, contact your primary care provider. We can help diagnose any pain or discomfort and help you get the appropriate treatment. We even handle injuries from accidents like a sprain or fracture.

Visit Your Providers

If it has been a while since your last doctor’s appointment, it is time to visit Southwestern Pediatrics for adult care in Maricopa, AZ. We offer patient-centered healthcare for every stage of life. Call us at (520) 568-9500 to schedule your appointment today!

By Southwestern Pediatrics
March 19, 2021
Category: Health Care

How primary care services from your doctor in Maricopa, AZ, can help you stay healthy.

You need adult primary care services, especially as you get older. Your primary care physician is an expert at treating acute conditions like viruses and infections, and chronic diseases like arthritis and heart disease.

Dr. Anthony DiGeorge of Southwestern Pediatrics in Maricopa, AZ, and his skilled team offer a wide range of adult primary care services and pediatric services to help keep you and your family healthy.

Your primary care doctor can provide annual physical examinations to help you maintain good health and give you peace of mind. Routine physicals are an excellent time for you to ask any questions about how to stay healthy.

Immunizations are also an important part of primary care services. Influenza, pneumonia, shingles, and other conditions can be prevented with a simple injection once each year.

  • Your primary care doctor can also help with common problems including:
  • Body aches and pains
  • Muscle, tendon, or ligament strain
  • Joint problems, including arthritis
  • Sports or vehicle accident injuries
  • Allergies, asthma, or breathing problems

For women, your primary care doctor can do routine gynecological examinations to ensure the health of your reproductive system.

For men, your primary care doctor can diagnose and treat prostate issues, erectile dysfunction, and other conditions.

As you get older, the expertise of your primary care doctor becomes even more important. The condition of your body and how it functions changes as you age, and your primary care doctor can monitor those changes. Preventive care like immunizations and lifestyle modification like diet and exercise can help you make the most of your health.

You deserve the caring compassion of an excellent primary care doctor. To learn more about how adult primary care services can help you stay healthy, call Dr. DiGeorge of Southwestern Pediatrics in Maricopa, AZ, at (520) 568-9500 today!